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Publix Preview for November 18th

Here is the preview for the upcoming Publix sale beginning Nov.18th. To view the current sale ad click here. This list will updated with coupon matches tomorrow Nov 17th, just in time for the sale.


Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Jellied, Whole Berry or Cran-Raspberry, 14-oz can, $1.45

Shedd’s Country Crock Mashed Potatoes Regular or Garlic, 24-oz tub,  $3.59

Smithfield Bacon, Naturally Hickory Smoked: Regular or Thick-Sliced, 16-oz pkg,  $4.19

Banquet Brown ‘N Serve Sausage Links or Patties, Assorted Varieties, 6.4 or 7-oz pkg, $1.89

Rondele Cheese Spread, Garlic and Herb: Regular or Lite, or Garden Vegetable, 8-oz cup,  $4.19

T. Marzetti’s Dressing, Assorted Varieties, 12 or 15-oz jar,  $3.69

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spread: 2 pk, 7.5-oz tub, or 15 or 16-oz pkg, or 10-oz bot, or Spray, 8-oz bot,  $2.49

Breyers Ice Cream, Assorted Varieties, 48-oz ctn,  $4.99

Jose Ole Taquitos or Tacos, Assorted Varieties, 20 or 22.5-oz box,  $4.99

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Assorted Varieties, 30-oz jar, $4.69

Cool Whip Whipped Topping, Assorted Varieties, 8-oz bowl, $1.49

General Mills Cereal, Assorted Varieties, Chex, 12.8 to 14-oz, Cocoa Puffs, Trix or Golden Grahams, 10.7 to 12-oz box, $3.49

Ocean Spray Craisins, Assorted Varieties, Sweetened Dried Cranberries or Trail Mix, 6-oz bag,  $2.29

Lipton Tea Bags, 100-ct box, $3.95

Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail or Juice Drink, Assorted Varieties, 64-oz bot., (Excluding 100% Cranberry Juice Items),  $3.25

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, Assorted Varieties, Chocolate Lover’s, Candy Shop, or Triple Chocolate Decadence, 16.76 to 18-oz box, $2.59

Knorr Sides, Assorted Varieties, 4 to 6.4-oz pouch,  $1.49

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, Assorted Varieties, 4 or 4.1-oz pouch, $1.29

Betty Crocker Premium Muffin Mix, Assorted Varieties, 15.2 to 18.25-oz box, $2.59

Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix or Cupcake, Assorted Varieties, 17.52 or 18.25-oz box, (Excluding Angel Food and Carrot Cake), $1.65

Ronzoni Pasta, Assorted Varieties, 8 to 16-oz box, $1.99

Del Monte Fresh Cut Vegetables, Assorted Varieties, 11 to 15.24-oz can (Excluding Specialty Varieties and Asparagus), $1.29

Prego Italian Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 24-oz jar, $2.07

Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice or Brown and Wild Rice, Assorted Varieties, 6 to 6.7-oz box, $1.99

Del Monte Tomatoes, Assorted Varieties, 14.5-oz can,  $1.49

Dole Pineapple, Assorted Varieties, 20-oz can, $1.57

Wish-Bone Dressing, Assorted Varieties, 16-oz bot., $2.69

Crisco Pure Canola Oil or Pure Vegetable or Natural Blend, 48-oz bot., $3.59

A.1. Steak Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 10-oz bot., $4.19

Mt. Olive Pickles, Selected Varieties, 16 to 46-oz jar, or 4-pk, 3.7-oz cont.,  $2.79

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Assorted Varieties, 8 to 10-ct box (Excluding No Sugar Added, Pick-Me-Up, Great Start and Sensible Sweets), $1.99

Snapple Tea or Juice Drink, Assorted Varieties, 6 pk, 16-oz bot., $4.99

Nabisco Crackers or Ritz Crackerfuls, Assorted Varieties, 5.5 to 10-oz box,  $3.25

Keeber Club Crackers, Assorted Varieties, 12 to 16-oz box, $3.99

Lay’s Potato Chips, Assorted Varieties, 10.5 to 13.25-oz bag (Excluding Baked! and Light and Natural), $3.99

Thomas’ English Muffins, The Original Plain, 12-oz pkg, $2.99

Hostess Sweet Sixteen Mini Donuts, Powdered or Frosted, 12 or 13-oz pkg, $2.99

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Assorted Varieties, 7.5 to 16-oz box, $3.09

Glass Plus Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner, 32-oz bot,  $2.49

Vanity Fair Premium Napkins, Dinner or Beverage, 40-ct pkg, or Everyday, 100-ct pkg, $2.19

Chinet Classic White Plates: Lunch, Dinner or Compartment; or Platters, 24 to 55-ct pkg, $5.99

Publix Deli Baked Potato Salad, 16-oz cont.,  $3.19
Publix Deli Iced Tea, 1-gal bot.,$2.39
Publix Deli Spinach Dip, 16-oz cont., $3.69
Publix Baby Cut and Peeled Carrots, 1 to 3-lb bag, $1.69

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