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Seasonal Homemaking Plans

I truly enjoy this time of year as it allows for relaxing, family gatherings and redecorating. It is also a great time for planning.

Every season my hubby–“Mr. Proverbs 31”– and I put together a list of things that we’d like to accomplish in caring for our home. I keep an ongoing list of projects in my HomeMaking Binder, which works as a guide when choosing what projects we will tackle. Here are some examples of what is on our list.

Projects for the months of October through February

Crochet/Sewing- The cooler seasons allow me to dedicate more time to teaching my daughters needle work skills. They help me select color and crochet next seasons dish cloths. We choose brighter colors that will compliment the Spring and Summer. Last Fall we choose watermelon, lime and turquoise, it will be exciting to visit the craft store over the next couple of weeks to choose new colors. This is a wonderful time that I spend with my daughters buying new needles, yarn and fabric for future projects. In regards to sewing, this year we will try our hand at making calf length dresses. I have not been successful at finding any in the department stores or online, so my husband –“Mr.Proverbs 31”– encouraged me to try to make them myslef.

Painting/Caulking– Now that the weather has cooled off this is the perfect time to retouch paint jobs or repaint larger areas. We have already begun painting and are almost finished the upstairs common areas. Last Fall we painted the upstairs bedrooms. We hope to repaint the lower level common area, guest bath and children’s bedroom before Summer 2010.

Replacing Bath Linen We have not replaced linen in quite awhile, but with the monies and gift card I earn online, we have been able to begin replacing older linens with very little out of pocket cost. From what I know about sale cycles, Fall and Winter are supossedly the time to get the best deals.

Steam Carpets/Furniture- If you have carpet but do not own a steam cleaning machine, I highly recommend investing in one. We have had a Bissell Pro Heat
for ten years now and I steam the carpets and sofas twice a year. It took one day to steam clean the entire house (2583 sq. ft.)

How Much Does It Cost Per Year To Clean Your Carpets?

Purchase a Steam Cleaner $300 (will last at least 10 years) = $30 annually
Renting a Machine 2x’s a Year for 10 years = $800 annually
Hire Sears (3 rooms/ $99 x 2x’s a year) average rooms 6 = $4000 annually

So there you have it. These are a few of the projects that I will be working on the Fall and Winter season. With a plan…it’s amazing how much you can accomplish during the next few months.

Are there any haomemaking projects you have planned for this season? Please feel free to share your ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Seasonal Homemaking Plans

  1. The Proverbs Wife says:

    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by many of the people I love. Maybe next year I will celebrate in NYC where I can spend some time with the rest of my family.

    I hope that u had a pleasant Thanksgiving as well.


  2. A. Muschette says:

    This was a wonderful post. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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