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The Story of Christmas

Book: The Story of Christmas

Retold By: Gwen Ellis

Illustrator: Steve Smallman

Price: $7.99

Age Group This Product is for: Children ages 4-7

Published By: Thomas Nelson

“The story of Christmas” brings to life the events leading up to the birth of Christ and his journey back to Nazareth. It begins with the Angel visiting Zacariah and introduces all of the people who were a part of preparing for the coming of Christ.

This book is great because it takes the events of Jesus’s birth and childhood and strings them together in a beautifully written and illustrated version for younger children to follow. The wording used in “The Story of Christmas” supports the biblical account of the birth and childhood of our savior. Not only do you get this great hardcover book, but it comes with a wonderful DVD of the story as well.

I loved the illustrations, the use of scripture reference and the easy to understand wording that can be found in most Children’ Bible’s. If you are looking for a literary gift for a child this holiday, put this one on your must have list.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing for this review.

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