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Take Your Best Shot By: Austin Gutwein

Ages: 12-17
Price: $12.99
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Take Your Best Shot is a paperback, juvenile, non-fiction book geared towards teens. It is written to inspire teens to do something bigger than themselves, by finding ways to help those around them. The book tells the story of Austin Gutwein, who at nine years old he was inspired to help a child in Zambia, Africa. The child had bee orphaned as a result of the AIDS epidemic in her country. She was being raised by her grandmother in a grass roof hut that leaked water when it rained.

Austin was so moved by her story that he decided to do something about it. Each chapter is written somewhat like a journal entry. The chapters are followed by a  Q&A as well as a mini devotional with bible references.

The thing I like most about the book is when Austin writes…

“At school you might get in trouble for writing in your textbooks, but Take Your Best Shot is different. It’s yours; it’s your story. If you want to, get out some pens and mark it up. Circle stuff; underline things; draw all over it. There’s even a space to write at the end of each chapter. When you are done, you will have a personal, customized version of the story of God’s change in your life”

All throughout the book, Austin encourages the reader to dig down deep and tap into their God given potential to use a a means to make an impact in their family, community and even the world.

If you want to be inspired learn more about Austin’s vision on YouTube.

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