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60% Off Food Lion Store Wide Sale!!!


I just learned that a local Food Lion is closing. Due the the stores closing, they have marked down all of their stock 60% off.  Track phones with minutes are a little over $4 each. While ice-cream, cakes, juice and vitamins are over 1/2 off and you can still use a coupon foe bigger savings. So if you are in Columbia, SC or surrounding areas head on over no later than 1/29

Food Lion of Columbia
6169 Saint Andrew Road
Columbia, SC 29210

(Thanks Tammy!)

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4 thoughts on “60% Off Food Lion Store Wide Sale!!!

  1. My boyfriend just told me tonight that he saw it on the news last week. He didn’t bother telling me. I don’t guess it’s worth going if they don’t have anything left. The one in West Columbia had a ton of stuff for over a week. Of course the laundry detergent and paper products went first. I hate I missed this one. Thanks for posting it though.


  2. The Proverbs Wife says:

    I was told that they officially close tomorrow 1/30. My husband went Thursday and said the shelves were just about bare. The manager said there was a huge crowd waiting at the store Wednesday when they marked everything down. Mgr. said he didn’t know how the news spread.


  3. OMG!!! The food lion in west columbia closed over the summer and I got so many things for less than $100 all because I used coupons when everything was 75% off. If you wait a little while, things will go even cheaper. I did spend about 3 hours in the store b/c I was hunting through all of my coupons. I stocked up on medicine and tooth brushes. It was literally amazing! Thanks for the heads up.


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