Freezer Cooking Day: My Recipes & Plans


Here is my menu: (with some of my recipe links and pictorials)

Banana Bread x 1

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread x 2

Chocolate Chip Pancakes x 1

Sweet Potato Pancakes x 2

Shredded Chicken (for Mexican dishes)  x 3

Diced Chicken (for fried rice, stir fry’s & stews)  x 2

Roasted Whole Chicken x 3

Marinated Chicken Breast  x 1

Sliced Yams (for candied yams)  x 4

Chocolate Chip Cookies (6 dozen)

The Plan:


  • Peel 18 lbs. of sweet potatoes
  • Bake 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies
  • Thaw (3) whole chickens
  • Thaw 7 1/2 ibs of chicken breasts


  • Bake 3 batches of banana bread
  • Cook (3) dozen pancakes
  • Boil, cool, slice, bag and freeze 15 lbs of yams
  • Make 3 lbs of sweet potato pie filling
  • Marinate and roast (3) whole chickens
  • Season & add (8) chicken breasts to the crock pot
  • Dice (8) chicken breasts, season and brown
  • Marinate & freeze 2 lbs of chicken breasts

For more Once a Month Cooking ideas and recipes visit my recipe section.

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  1. Your list looks great!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Thanks. I had such a fun time cooking and taking pictures. Can’t wait to share them on Tuesday.


  2. The yummy stuff never lasts long in my house either. It’s the first thing every wants to eat.


  3. I made choco chip banana muffins last month. They didn’t last but about 3 days! Lots of yummy food for the month!


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