Freezer Cooking Day: My Recipes & Plans


Here is my menu: (with some of my recipe links and pictorials)

Banana Bread x 1

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread x 2

Chocolate Chip Pancakes x 1

Sweet Potato Pancakes x 2

Shredded Chicken (for Mexican dishes)  x 3

Diced Chicken (for fried rice, stir fry’s & stews)  x 2

Roasted Whole Chicken x 3

Marinated Chicken Breast  x 1

Sliced Yams (for candied yams)  x 4

Chocolate Chip Cookies (6 dozen)

The Plan:


  • Peel 18 lbs. of sweet potatoes
  • Bake 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies
  • Thaw (3) whole chickens
  • Thaw 7 1/2 ibs of chicken breasts


  • Bake 3 batches of banana bread
  • Cook (3) dozen pancakes
  • Boil, cool, slice, bag and freeze 15 lbs of yams
  • Make 3 lbs of sweet potato pie filling
  • Marinate and roast (3) whole chickens
  • Season & add (8) chicken breasts to the crock pot
  • Dice (8) chicken breasts, season and brown
  • Marinate & freeze 2 lbs of chicken breasts

For more Once a Month Cooking ideas and recipes visit my recipe section.

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