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Fresh Linens

Do you have a routine for keeping your bed linen fresh? I mean aside from washing your sheets and blankets.

I’d like to say that I faithfully launder my blankets every Friday as stated on my homekeeping schedule, however I have not been able to keep up this task consistently.

I still have young children at home who cannot wash their own bed linen and remake the beds after wards. As a result I am usually left to do the job myself and I have not mastered it.

During the summer this task is a bit easier to keep up with, because we dress the beds with far less linen. During the the winter months this becomes a monumental task. If I were to wash the linens weekly by the time I was done I would have washed nine pillow cases, eight blankets, four top sheets and four fitted sheets. is All this and I haven’t even begun the drying process.

What I’ve decided to do instead is alternate bedding laundering weeks. I’ve scheduled one bed per Friday. This makes linen washing easier, but I missed that freshly laundered scent and decided to come up with a way to keep the bed fresh between washes.

Fresh Linen Tip:

  • When you get out of bed, pull the sheets and blanket to the bottom of the bed.  

  • Dust the bed with baby powder and/or linen spray (I use cherry blossom body spray from the dollar store). 

  • Allow linen to air out while you have breakfast, brush teeth, etc. 

  • When you are ready, make your bed as usual.
I’d love for you to share a  tip that works to make homekeeping easier for you. Leave a comment below.
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4 thoughts on “Fresh Linens

  1. One tip that my grandmother taught me that I use is to change just the pillow cases. Whenever you are doing a load of laundry, throw the pillow cases in with it. Voila! Fresh pillow cases.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Mandy this is a great tip. I never thought to just pull off the pillow cases and wash them during the week. Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚


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