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High Value Soft Scrub Coupons!

Soft Scrub has a new product out called Soft Scrub Total which I have a feeling will be pretty inexpensive paired with the coupons that are out right now.

As a Soft Scrub Captain, I had a chance to try the product recently and it work great cleaning up everyday spills and stains. It has a citrusy-scent that can be overpowering if you spray to much.

With this product you don’t need alot to get the job done. Just spray and wipe and the whole area is left smelling clean and fresh.

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Print off your coupons now for the upcoming sales:

  •  $1.50 off any Soft Scrub Total product purchase
  •  $1.00 off any Soft Scrub Cleanser product purchase
  •  $1.50 off any Soft Scrub Gel product purchase
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