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Managing Receipts

Some of you may be looking for an easy way to keep your receipts organized. If so, I’ve shared a pictorial of the system I use. Keeping you receipts organized makes submitting rebates easy. It also helps you to keep track of monthly spending.
I started with 12 regular envelope.These are just some old envelopes I had left over from Christmas Cards.
I added a label to each envelope.
Next, I label each envelope with one of the twelve months.
I found a box suitable storage to hold the envelopes.
I used a sneaker box.

Each month I pull out the corresponding envelope and keep it in my purse. It can also be stored in your budget book or glove compartment.

Whenever I shop I stick my receipts inside my little envelope. When a new month arrives, last months envelope goes into the sneaker box.

Do you save your receipts? If so, leave a comment sharing how you keep them organized.
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  1. LOVE it…a nd love the visuals! Came across you from Works 4 Me Wed!


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