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Managing Store Booklets

Do you have store flyers taking up space in your coupon storage? I will show you how I manage my store booklets. I try to keep things in my life organized as much as possible. Whether organizing my shopping trip or my daily tasks, organization just makes life easier….at least it does for me. This is the method I use for booklets that only contain a small number of coupons.

The booklet I used in my illustration below is from Food Lion. This booklet contained only (2) coupons. It make no sense for me to keep the entire booklet nor did I have the storage space. I decided to condense the booklet by getting rid of the useless portions.

I pulled out the pages containing coupons and stacked them together. You can group like pages or keep an entire booklet worth of coupons together.
Combine the stacks.
Now, tear off a cover from at least one booklet and place it on top of the stack.
Staple the entire stack together and file away in your coupon storage.
I use this method for Publix Green and Yellow Advantage Flyers. I also do the same with magazine subscriptions. Tacking on the front cover remind me where the coupons originated. Need any more helpful tip? Send an email to  
scentreprenuer (at) aol (dot) com
with your question or dilemma and I’ll see what I can do to help.
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