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Once A Month Meat Shopping Trip 1/13

I have done my January meat shopping for the most part. I will get a few packages of fish and maybe 3 pounds of ground turkey this weekend from Aldi. Meat tends to be the high ticket item in most peoples grocery budget.

Therefore what I have done is determined my buy price. Now when meat is on sale at my buy price, I stock up.
My buy price for chicken breasts and pork chops are $1.99 a pound, and for London Broil it’s $1.99 – $2.39 a pound.
A few breads, dairy and fresh vegetables and we are set for the week.
There are not many deals to be had on purchasing meat but I offset that by getting FREE items on my shopping trip. On this trip I got FREE Sundown B-12 vitamins, Greek Yogurt and a 64 oz. grape juice for a 1¢.
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