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Why should you submit rebates?

In 2009, I redeemed $743.62 in rebates by simply buying products and mailing in the rebate form. If that’s not reason enough, then I don’t know what is. Some people think rebates are simply getting a refund of money spent, but that is one the biggest rebate myths ever. I have redeemed rebates on items that paid for using coupons and zero out of pocket.

Rebates are easy to submit and usually only require that you mail in (3) things;

  • a rebate form
  • a receipt
  • the product UPC code.

Where do I find rebate forms? 

Some rebate from will be in the form of online rebates. The product manufacture will often set up a pdf. or downloadble copy of the rebate from. These are the easiest to find. Although, there are many rebates, I only post the ones that are worth your time and effort like the one here.
This rebate offer allowed you to actually make money on the deal.  If you will only earn a few coins, I won’t bother posting it because you’ll end up spending more time to submit the rebate than it’s worth.
Other rebates can be found on products and packages. Oftentimes that rebate form will look like a hangtag or even a tearpad. The big thing is to be on the lookout. Just because the rebate form is on display does not mean that you must buy the product right away. Most rebates don’t expire for months, so just grab the rebate form and hold on to it.
Rebate forms can also be found in magazines. Oftentimes, the advertised rebate form will not be in the actual magazine.  The ad will usually direct you to a link where you can print a rebate form.

I have my rebate form…now what?

Try to buy the rebate item when it is buy-one-get-one FREE or when it is buy-one-get-one 50% OFF. Always use a coupon if it’s available and double check your rebate offer to make sure you buy the right item.

Here’s an example of a BOGO 50% off + coupon transaction I recently made a Rite-Aid. Even though I did not pay full price for the rebate items, I will still receive a check for the full amount of the rebate.

Fill out your rebate form legibly. If possible, include a return address sticker. If the processor can’t read your writing, you may not receive your rebate.

Take a a picture or scan your receipt any documents you plan to mail in. This is usually a receipt, UPC code from the product and rebate form. If you don’t have a camera or scanner, write down your receipt and/or register number, date of purchase, cashier name, store where purchased and amount paid. You will need this information if your rebate is delayed. I have only needed to use this information once.

Write down the address and any contact information found on the rebate form. Also, make a notation of the rebate validity dates as well as the date you mailed in your rebate (or postmark date).

Mark your calendar making a note to yourself regarding when to expect your rebate. If the rebate says 6-8 weeks, than mark your calendar at about 7-9 weeks away. This extra time is allotted for mailing and processing. Finally, mail your rebate and file your rebate information in a safe place.

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