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Thank You Viewpoints!!

We have copies of Norton™ Internet Security 2010

What a blessing it is to have been chosen by Viewpoints to try out Norton Internet Security 2010. My laptop was infected by Malware last week and caused pornographic icons to spring up all over my desktop. The protection I was using was not able to block out this new virus therefore I downloaded a FREE virus protection until I was able to budget for the purchase of Norton’s.

Lord knows I didn’t want to shell out any more cash this month for blooging/internet expenses. I just paid for my blog to go from being www.proverbswife.blogspot.com to www.aproverbswife.com and really didn’t want to tack on anymore expenses.

So, this morning before leaving for work my husband asked me when I was going to order to virus protection. I shared with him that  I didn’t want to spend any cash and that I would wait for it go on sale at Amazon. That way I could buy it with my FREE Amazon Gift cards I earned from Swag Bucks and Opinion Outpost. Well low and behold, Norton Internet Security 2010 went  on sale today and I was notified by Viewpoints that I was selected to get a FREE copy. I told you all about it a few weeks ago and if you need one and have signed up with Viewpoints I hope you get chosen too.

God truly knows our needs and he never fails to provide. I am grateful for the great and small things He’s doing in my life.

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