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Here are some links to the sheets in my Homemaking Binder. They are references that I keep at hand to help me to become a better Christian, wife and mother.

For the Children:

For the Mommas:

Home Making Binder Planner Sheets:

The following topic is in my binder but I cannot remember where it came from so I typed it out for you to copy and print.


The Bible teaches us to recognize that when we do wrong, they are guilty and should be told so. If they stubbornly refuse to admit guilt, they should be punished so they suffer for their wrong till they admit it. This is true of children and adults.

Proverbs 20:30 – Blows and stripes cleanse away guilt and reach the inner depths of the heart Spanking is not just an external act. It reaches the heart and teaches the child to become an upright, righteousness person. It molds godly characters.

But the Bible also has a solution for the guilt. When one is sorry, represent apologies, and corrects his conduct, he receives forgiveness from God and others who follow the Bible {Matt. 6:12-15; Luke 17:3,4}. One reason many people do not appreciate the value of spanking is that they do not understand God concept of guilt and forgiveness.

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