A Basic Home Making Binder

I am helping a fellow Proverbs wife put together a workable binder. I thought it would be good  if I went through mine and did a little tidying up. As I went through it I started taking down notes to share with any one interested in putting together a Home Making Binder.

I have been using my binder for several years and it has grown on me. I have started out with some sections that I later removed. And I have added some other sections as time went by. Today I will share with you a basic binder to get you started. I hope this post will be helpful in giving you some direction for starting  your on Home Making Binder.


Notebook paper
Single Page 12 Month Calendar or Month to Month Calendar

How My Binder Is Organized

Binder: I used a .35¢ binder from the Goodwill

Notebook paper: For taking quick notes, brainstorming my menu or jotting down a grocery list.

Calendar: I use a (1) month calendar versus a 12 month calendar on a single sheet. This is the FREE 2010 Pillsbury Calendar that came in the mail. I separated the pages and punched (3) holes.

Divider #1: Homemaking

After the calendar is my first divider. This is the beginning of my homemaking section.


In my Homemaking section you’ll find the following:

  • Daily Agenda/To-Do Sheet and Menu

  • A gentle reminder of what I have to do at home.

  • Children’s Chore Schedule
  • Summer Daily Schedule
  • Daily & Weekly Homemaking Schedule

  • Quarterly Homemaking Schedule


  • Home Improvement List

Directly following my Homemaking section is the school section.

Divider #2 School:

  • Bible Reading Schedule

  • Lesson Plan

  • Grade Sheet
  • Homeschool Accountability Documents

Divider #3 Budget:

  • Pay stubs, Invoices, Receipts from my blog
  • Income Tracker Sheet
  • Expense Sheet

Divider #4 Menu:

  • Weekly menus from past weeks (for ideas)
  • Once a Month Menus fro past weeks (for ideas)
  • Master Grocery List

Divider #5 Rules:

  • Biblical reference sheets

  • Internet and magazine article references

Divider #6 Hobbies:

  • Crochet cheat sheet

  • Craft project instructions

  • Gardening notes

Because or families and obligations are different our sections will be different. At one point I had a section titled “Church” to hold the schedules from the different activities my children were in at church. This year they are not participating in any programs so I removed the section.

Your HMB should be a help to your daily life. It should help you achieve an organized method of managing your home. I ‘d love for you to share any tips, comments or questions that may be helpful to other “A Proverbs Wife” readers.Your comments are always welcome.

2009 Tour of my Home Making Binder HERE

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