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Esprit Clearance Starting at $6.99

cotton skirt | SS0210 | $ 9.99

Esprit cotton skirt $ 9.99

Shop At Home Bonus {see details below}
-$5 Shop at Home credit (added to Shop At Home account-new members)
-7% Shop At Home rebate

(If you’ve signed up with Shop At Home and were waiting for a super cheap first purchase this would be great!!)

Everyone who knows me knows that I shop out of season. I buy winter clothes in the summer, Christmas decoration in the Spring…yada…yada.

I do this because it saves me a ton of money. I just refuse to pay full price for anything unless I absolutely must.

So when I see summer clothes deals I am going to share them with you. Esprit  has items their outlet items marked  70% off.

All other items qualify for 30% off with promotion code  LOVEESPRIT (exp 02/16/10) and any order over $30 qualifies for FREE shipping.

Get your $9.99 item and $5 rebate now! Just follow the steps below.

1. Sign up or log in at Shop At Home

2. Use the search bar to find Esprit.com

3. Click through to the Esprit.com page

4. Add your items to your cart and use promo code LOVEESPRIT

5. Shipping is $4.99

6. Your rebates will be credited to your Shop At Home account!

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