Freezer Cooking Day

Here are the results of my freezer cooking for February. I shared recipes and what I made each day in this post.

Diced Chicken x 2                Banana Bread x 3

3 doz. Pancakes                           Sliced Yams

Sweet Potato pie filling              Ground Beef  x 4

Sliced Yams x 4                        2 doz. cookies done

6 doz. cookies done                 ground beef x 4

shredded chicken               shred chicken bagged x3

Shredded Cheeses x 4


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    I have always thought that preparing meals for the week ahead was a good idea, but I never considered having prepared ingredients ready to go in the freezer. Thank you for the great idea!


  2. says

    That is such a great idea. I love that it is not the whole meal just the parts that take the longest to prepare. Probably keeps thing tasting fresher.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Making the main dish shaves so much wasted time off of my day. I love only having to make a starch and veggie most nights. I know what you mean about freshness. Not everything freezes well. I have been OAMC for a while and I have a list titled “Don’t Ever Freeze That Again”.

    Thanks for stopping by neighbor.


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