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Freezer Cooking Day

Here are the results of my freezer cooking for February. I shared recipes and what I made each day in this post.

Diced Chicken x 2                Banana Bread x 3

3 doz. Pancakes                           Sliced Yams

Sweet Potato pie filling              Ground Beef  x 4

Sliced Yams x 4                        2 doz. cookies done

6 doz. cookies done                 ground beef x 4

shredded chicken               shred chicken bagged x3

Shredded Cheeses x 4

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6 thoughts on “Freezer Cooking Day

  1. I have always thought that preparing meals for the week ahead was a good idea, but I never considered having prepared ingredients ready to go in the freezer. Thank you for the great idea!


  2. Wow. You’ve been very productive the last several days. I’ve never tried shredding & freezing my own cheese before. Does it clump?


  3. That is such a great idea. I love that it is not the whole meal just the parts that take the longest to prepare. Probably keeps thing tasting fresher.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Making the main dish shaves so much wasted time off of my day. I love only having to make a starch and veggie most nights. I know what you mean about freshness. Not everything freezes well. I have been OAMC for a while and I have a list titled “Don’t Ever Freeze That Again”.

    Thanks for stopping by neighbor.


  4. wow what a wonderful tackle looks like you did a great job and now prepared


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