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In The Land Of Odds

Auto-B-Good is a five time Emmy Award winning series that can be seen on public television and all around the world.  The series is based on the adventures of 9 vehicles, each with their own unique personality, who live in the City of Auto. Each episode is centered around a different Character Development Trait, such as honesty, respect, caring, fairness and many more.

There are currently six DVD’s available (Seasons one and two).  Each DVD has four episodes on it.

Ages: 3-10

Price: $7.99

Put out by: Rising Star Studios

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A few weeks ago I watched In The Land of Odds with my children, after they had already watched it twice by themselves. By the time we watched it together they’d already memorized some of the funniest scenes from the video.

I was shocked at how funny In The Land Of Odds was. By looking at the graphics on the cover, the video looks like an old School House Rock VHS case, but the expression, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” really held true for this video.

There are 3 mini video adventures on the entire DVD that focus on building good character traits. I used the video for a school lesson where my 6, 7 and 9 year were to watch one mini video and compose a written narration of  what they learned. After watching the first video they pleaded with me to let them watch the rest of the DVD.

In The Land Of Odds season one – vol 3 begins with Johnny who is challenging the value of  “dependability”. Johnny thinks being dependable is boring. And no matter how much his friends try and reason with him, he refuses to see the value in being dependable. It’s not until Johnny gets to experience the consequences of  not being dependable that he quickly changes his opinion.

This video is appropriate for ages 4-10 and is a great tool to use for a home school or family values lesson. There are sixty-three character traits covered so far in the Auto B-Good video series. Rising Star Studios exceeded my expectation in providing a beneficial video to help parents reinforce good character in their children.

I was provided with a FREE copy of Auto B-Good, In The Land Of Odds video for the purpose of this MamaBuzz review. Also included were a mini pack of gummy candy and some popcorn, but these sweets in NO WAY influenced the opinion of my review. No… but seriously, I enjoyed the videos and truly thank MamaBuzz and Rising Star Studios for the opportunity to review a great product.

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