Loving Your Husband From His Perspective

When I married my husband I remember how disillusioned I was regarding what love toward a husband looked like.

From what I’ve read over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that many wives are unsure of what it means to love their husbands.

I thought love was about feelings but learned that love from a husbands perspective, has a lot less to do with feelings and more to do with actions.

Love from a husbands perspective, has a lot less to do with feelings and more to do with actions. (Tweet This)

For many husbands love from a wife is demonstrated by respect.

Honesty plays a big part in how we respect our husbands. For this reason I set a standard of being honest in both the big and little issues concerning my husband.

For instance, if I lie to him about sneaking onions into the meal when I know he does not like them, that is just as disrespectful as if I lie to him about the cost of something I bought.

Both lies boil down to deception.

Some say that “lying is an effort to exercise power over others” and that “deceiving someone becomes a kind of perverse victory, a way to win through stealth and trickery”.

There may be a tiny voice inside telling us that we are getting over on your husband, but it is very dangerous for us to flirt with this form of disrespect.

The loving thing for us to do is to honor and respect our husband by being honest in all things.

This is love.

Love can also be demonstrated in the way we speak to our husbands.

This includes our speech in public and private. I monitor what I say and how I say things to my husband. I am careful not to mock him or make him the butt of jokes.

I have learned the beneficial lesson of not to criticizing or bickering with him in front of others especially our children. As a wife we should strive to build our husbands up with words of encouragement.

We should speak words to and about our husbands that inspire them to become better men.

Every husband has his faults but I have learned that an encouraging word will speak life to your spouse and influence him to become the man you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are not sure what love looks like to your husband just ask him.

You can begin by giving a sheet of paper that says;

I feel loved when you___________________________________.

Let him know that you are desiring to be more loving toward him and that it would help you had a clear idea of what it means for him.

Take your sheet with his answer and make copies.

Hang it on your bathroom mirror and put it in your Homemaking Binder. Use the list to motivate yourself to be the women of his dreams.

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