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Mail Day Fun

I have been smiling from ear to ear every week since 2008 because there is always some goodies arriving in the mail.

I sign up for so many FREEBIES, contest and  research studies which keeps a continuous flow of new products delivered to my home each week.

The white bags above are a {TOP SECRET} NEW cereal line a company wants my son to try out. How cool is that?…he gets to try a cereal and give his opinion. Now…it’s not all fun and games because we have tried out some nasty stuff concocted by some top notch companies, but for the most part we love it.

Infant milk was in the mail too and I don’t remember requesting it. Luckily, have two friends who just had babies and they’ll love a chance to try some FREE baby milk.

Finally, the biggest surprise was the FLIP camera I won from Phil Taylor over at  PTMoney. Phil has a great website where he shares information on financial management and running a successful blog. I have been subscribed to and reading his website since 2008 and follow @ptmoney on Twitter. To find out more about PTMoney.com just follow the link.

Here was the contest question–

PT asked “What is the savviest way you have made your money work harder for you this holiday season?”

My answer was:

Hands down…it has to be Bank Bonuses. I opened a College Advantage 529 for my (4) children with $25 each and earned an extra $250 in bonus money.

I opened a ING Orange checking account with no minimum deposit and earned $50

I opened an ING Savings $25 deposit earned $25…

I also did the Wachovia’s Way2Save promo + $25 gift card offer

whew!…I love bank offers. I get to try new bank products and services and also get a great ROI (return on investment)

This is a great giveaway. Fingers crossed. BTW, I am a long time lurker/ subscriber and I really enjoy your blog.


Getting mail at my house is the height of the day. My children stop their schoolwork and run to the window when they hear the UPS, FedEx or mail truck turn into the neighborhood. We don’t get packages everyday but the children know that the post man usually comes bearing gifts.

Well that was a glimpse into my day. How are you doing today?

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