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Results of the Disney Volunteer Day

{Picture of the Volunteers and all that we cleaned up.}

This past Saturday my husband, myself and our four children ages 16, 9, 7 and 6 went out to fulfill our volunteer commitment for the  Disney Give A Day Get a Day campaign.  I thought that we’d spend three hours picking up some bottles, some paper and a few plastic cups, but boy was I wrong.

This area was littered with 150 bags of trash, 50 tires, 2 sofas, a toilet bowl and tons of carpet and roof shingles.

When I read the volunteer description information, it stated that we would be cleaning up a park by a lake. Instead what I found when I arrived as a wooded overgrown dilapidated area that had apparently been used as a dumping ground for someone doing house repairs.

Despite the fact that we had to work harder than I expected, what made it all worthwhile was two things. First, seeing the community come out and thank all 132  of us volunteers was awesome. Secondly, it made me feel good to see my family working together to beautify this area.

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1 thought on “Results of the Disney Volunteer Day

  1. Wow! That’s alot of trash! That’s so nuce of your family to lend a helping hand!


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