Welcome to “From Frumpy to Fab”!

This is the first official day of “From Frumpy to Fab” however I began writing this post on Saturday 2/15/10. I was and trying to brainstorm my game plan for today. Monday will be the most challenging day of “From Frumpy to Fab” because it’s the beginning of a commitment and for two I got to gym on Monday.

Normally, when I return home,  I shower throw on something comfortable, (but not fabulous) and start home school. I really don’t know how well Monday is going to go, but here’s my plan for success this week.

**Oh! I must say that my husband is so excited about this challenge

My Plan Of Action:

  • Choose and match all of my outfits for the week including accessories and iron my clothes in advance.
  • Group all of my outfits together in my closet for easy access.
  • Put together a simple facial kit like this one.
  • Decide on (2) simple hairstyles for the week.
  • Get dressed no later than 7:30 a.m. (before hubby wakes up)
  • Get dressed before I get on the computer (oh the agony!)

How From Frumpy to Fab works:

The officially dates of From Frumpy to Fab are February 8th through February 16th. Today Monday February 8th 2010, you can  link-up to your post sharing what you plan to do in order to look fabulous all week.

And then on Monday February 15th 2010, I’ll share a post including pictures regarding  my seven days of fabulousness.

Finally, on Tuesday February 16th 2010, you can come and link-up to your From Frumpy to Fab post.

If you can’t start on Monday February 8th you are welcome to jump in at anytime. Leave a link to your blog below to let me know you’ll be joining me.

Video Day #1 : HERE

Video Day #2 : HERE

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  1. I should do this…BUT…I’m not ready. You look exactly what I pictured – only much younger! It’s hard to believe you have a teenager – you look like a teen yourself!


  2. The timing of your challenge is perfect for me. I’m off this morning to apply for a job – it’s only driving a bus but I still can’t go out in my sweats. I’ve been slipping into sloppy habits at home so I’m excited about looking better and feeling better about myself.


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