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Do You Take Time Off from Homemaking?

Do you ever wake up to  find your sofas draped over with unfinished laundry and the carpets littered with candy wrapper papers?

This is exactly what my living room looks like on Monday mornings. On Friday evenings I rest from normal homemaking schedules. This means that laundry may be washed but not folded and put away. It also means that daily vaccumming is placed on the back burner.

Once the weekend arrives I hang up my homemaking hat and spend time relaxing with my family. But after the weekend that work that was left undone is still waiting for me on Monday morning.

I could get all bent out of shape  about the disarray or I can make a list of what needs to be done and get to work. I try not to allow my daily chores to overwhelm me to the point that they stress me out. Stress leads to lack of energy and irritability. Sometimes it’s hard to remain calm when housework threatens to drain all of the time from your day. But here are some things to remember;

1~Mommies set the tone for the home. If mommy is grumpy, everyone is walking around on eggshells.

2~There will be house keeping task to do everyday. Some days there will be more to do than others.

3~Your little ones are watching to see how you deal with problems. Do you become angry and throw tantrums or do you come up with a solution and carry it out?

When it seems like there is too much to do ask for help. Sometimes we don’t get help from our family members because we don’t let them know that we need a hand.

Try to break task down into smaller tasks. Instead of writing “Laundry” on my “to-do” list, I list each task in order starting with wash clothes, dry clothes, fold clothes and put away clothes. As you complete each task you can check it off. With each check you will hopefully gain a sense of accomplishment.

These are some tips that help to remain calm when the tasks seem so overwhelming.

Do you take any time off from homemaking? I’d love to hear how you keep things running smoothly after time off.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Take Time Off from Homemaking?

  1. I do take time off from homemaking, but never completely. After I’ve made dinner for Shabbat night (Friday evening), I get the dishes and the vaccuming done. I give the hall bath a quick once over. I try to have Sabbath lunch/dinner cooked the evening before so all I have to do is heat and eat. I don’t commence any more cleaning until First day afternoon. Laundry stays in the laundry room, whether it be in the basket or the dryer. We also eat left overs from Sabbath on first day so I don’t cook, or try not to have to cook either.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    I have a similar weekend schedule as I touched on in my post. Scheduling time to rest from our work is a important aspect of being a wife/mom. We are our own bosses and must make sure to plan accordingly so that when we do rest, our work doesn’t seem overwhelming. Precooking is a very beneficial technique for relieving responsibilities during rest time.
    Thank you for sharing Crystal.


  2. I have been a flybaby for quite a while! I started with the S.H.E. sisters Peggy and Pam. check out flylady.net to see what I am talking about. She has helped tons of people. Kay


  3. I have to have a to-do list! I carry around my planner everywhere I go (even inside the house). It really does make me feel like a winner if I did almost, if not all, everything I had down for the day.

    What I’ve been neglecting to plan is exercising! I can really see the benefit of it. It’s just as good as dressing up for the family. It makes you feel confident and energetic throughout the day. It helps you keep focused as well by making you less groggy. So I think… I should be starting again this week!


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