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Hom,e Depot Do-It-Herself

If you are looking for a frugal way to change the look of your home paint is the way to go. I repainted my upstairs this past Thanksgiving and when we had family over we received so many compliments. The new color, which you can see in my From Frumpy To Fab videos, also made me feel like I had a new house. It took about two days to get everything painted and about $75 out of pocket. (I used the $13 Walmart Paint)

The first time I repainted a room downstairs it was a disaster. I learned by trial and error but you don’t have to. If you are thinking of re-painting but don’t want to make a semi permanent boo-boo, click the picture above to RSVP for the next paint workshop at Home Depot. You’ll get to try out new techniques and learn more about combining multiple colors together in one room.

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