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Getting free products is a very important part of my job as a family planner. For every FREE product I get, that is one less item I have to buy. There are many perks to getting FREE items like the chance to try new products and services for FREE. This allows me to learn more about products that I may not have purchased otherwise.

There are variety of ways to get FREE stuff which varies from sign up promotions, market research and contest. Here is a list of things I’ve gotten free just by signing up.

  • computer software
  • full size hygiene items
  • full size cleaning products
  • magazine subscriptions
  • food
  • movie screenings
  • video rentals
  • coupons
  • and more…

I post FREE offers daily and the best way to make sure you don’t miss out is to register for FREE updates from “A Proverbs Wife” via email {click here}, feedreader {click here}, Twitter {click here} and Facebook {click here}.

My feedreader and email service sends out update at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., meaning if I post a FREE offer after 9:01 a.m. you won’t know about it until 5 p.m. when it will possibly be gone.

Consider following me on Facebook and Twitter in addition to your email or feedreader subscription and you’ll get up to the minute updates.

(image by Dark Star Creations)

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