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Guide: Get FREE Stuff with Amazon & Swagbucks

We are a one income family and for that reason I am diligent in regards to finding ways to stretch our money. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have time for gimmicks which is why it took me so long to sign up with Swagbucks and Amazon Prime. Both of these services are FREE if you are able to follow directions very carefully.

The image below is of my most recent Amazon purchase. I purchased 17 textbooks for my children’s next school year and used Amazon Prime and Swagbucks to get them all FREE. I saved $126.67 by using rewards and trial offers.

After using the rewards and promotions, my total was $0 out of pocket for (17) books {14 shown}.

Any one can get the same savings on their purchases. But first things first! If you don’t have a Swagbucks account you should sign up for one now. This part of the plan is totally FREE and this is the first step to getting FREE cash. You’ll earn swagbucks for searching the internet using the swagbucks search engine. It works similar to Google only it doesn’t bring back great results. This is fine though because we just want the SwagbucksRIGHT?

You will also earn swagbucks when the Swagbucks blog, fan page, toolbar or Twitter page releases clues and codes for FREE swagbucks. I snag just about every code and every time a new code is released  I share the details with you all on Twitter, Facebook, Email, RSS and here on ‘A Proverbs Wife’. So make sure to subscribe  to one or all of my social media resources mentioned and you won’t miss a chance to earn FREE cash.

Another way to earn Swagbucks is through friend referrals. I’ve earned 50% of my swagbucks from referrals. I tell any and everyone I know about swagbucks beacuse my experience with them has been so good. The same will work for you. Try swagbucks (you’ll love it). Then tell everyone you know.

So head on over and get signed up for Swagbucks and come back. I’ll wait!

Okay, now that you’re back let’s talk about how Amazon Prime plays a part in all of this. We’ll first, Amazon.com is in my opinion the best location to find the lowest prices on any and everything. Amazon is the first place I visit when I need something.

Once you start earning with Swagbucks you may become addicted to the Amazon gift cards enjoy trading your swagbucks for Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are the only reward I redeem. There are others such as PayPal cash, Target, Macy and many other gift cards and rewards. I like the Amazon because I can pair them with the FREE shipping program on Amazon called Amazon Prime.

Ever so often Amazon Prime offers FREE shipping for 1 to 3 months. Imagine having and butt-load of FREE Amazon gifts cards earned from Swagbucks plus FREE shipping. It doesn’t matter if your have one or one-thousand gift cards they are all accumulated and can be used towards your Amazon balance. On top of the chance to get your purchase totally free by paying with your gift cards, you’ll also get your purchases shipped FREE.

I have posted detailed instructions on how to get Amazon Prime for FREE. Remember it is a trial period of 1 to 3 months so don’t get it until you have accumulated your Swagbucks and are ready to make a purchase.

This is how I use Swagbucks and Amazon Prime make an impact on my finances.

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