How Much Do You Earn Taking Surveys?

Just in case you are interested I want to give you an idea of how easy it is to earn money taking surveys. With just a few hours a week I do something small that makes a huge impact on my finances. The amount you can earn varies and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Total time spent last week taking Lightspeed surveys was 68 minutes. I earned 750 points which is the equivalent of $6.75 an hour. This may seem like a lot of time for minimum wage. But on the other hand I spent 10 minutes taking a survey with  SurveySpot and earned  1,000 points which is equivalent to $10.

The total time spent on Opinion Outpost was 20 minutes. I earned enough points with Opinion Outpost to redeem a $5 gift card or $5 check.

If you are considering taking surveys it does not require a whole lot of time, just a little bit of consistency. Take at least one survey everyday with your favorite survey companies. Soon you’ll begin getting a check  in the mail every month.

Total time spent late week to earn a little over $22 was an hour and a half. If you are interested in which companies I recommend, take a look at my top 11 surveys to be a member of in 2011.


75 Lightspeed points = 5 minutes

150 Lightspeed points = 15 minutes


50 Lightspeed points = 5 minutes

150 Lightspeed points = 15 minutes

25 Lightspeed points = 5 minutes

Pre-qualified for a 4 week skin care study with Loreal USA


1000 Survey Spot points = $10 = 15 minutes

500 E-Poll = 20 minutes (have 1100, need 3500 for a $5 PayPal or Amazon payout)

5 Ipsos-Isay points = 20 minutes

$1 Survey Savvy = 10 minute (didn’t qualify after 1 minute)

150 Lightspeed points = 15 minutes (didn’t qualify after 2 minutes)

75 Lightspeed points = 10 minutes (didn’t qualify after 2 minutes)

9000 Toluna points = 15 minutes (didn’t qualify after 2 minutes)


50 Opinion Outpost points (worth $5) + a FREE product to test = 20 minutes

Nielsen Home Mailer ($2 Cash) = 1 minute

450 My Survey points (3 referrals) = 0 minutes

20 My Survey points = 7 minutes

5 My Survey points = 4 minutes


300 Lightspeed points = 20 minutes

75 Lightspeed points = 20 minutes (didn’t qualify after 1 minute)

75 Lightspeed points = 15 minutes (didn’t qualify after 1 minute)

10 My Survey = 5 minutes

$3 Pine cone

$3 Pine Cone (Not taking applicants. I will post when they open enrollment again)

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