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Once A Month Cooking Plan

(Shrimp Stir Fry from our Orlando Family Vacation 2009)

Today is the start of my once a month cooking and I will be focusing mainly on meat preparation. We have a few meals leftover from our February cook day and they will be added to what I cook this month.

Because my children are getting older dinner time is becoming less and less time consuming. They are taking on more of the dinner prep responsibility as they are becoming more proficient in the homemaking tasks.

Most of our side dishes this month will be vegetables as we are continue to move towards a plant based diet.

We will have meat as an accompaniment to our vegetarian main courses just a few times this month.

Here is my “Once A Month Cooking” menu: (with some of my recipe links and pictorials)

BBQ Chicken (for chicken sandwiches) x 2

Shredded Chicken (for Mexican dishes)  x 2

Diced Chicken (for fried rice, stir fry’s & stews)  x 2

Roasted Whole Chicken x 3


The “Once a Month Cooking” Plan:


  • Bake 6 dozen various flavored cookies
  • Thaw 8 lbs of chicken breasts
  • Rinse and dry the chicken
  • Marinate and roast (3) whole chickens
  • Season & add (4) chicken breasts to the crock pot
  • Bake (4) chicken breasts, season and brown
  • Dice chicken when it’s done baking

For more Once a Month Cooking ideas and recipes visit my recipe section.

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