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Try Something New This Weekend…

….is the message I read in the inside of a Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Promise. The message was fitting because trying something new is exactly what I did this weekend.

(Some cows I saw grazing on my way to breakfast)

I attended the Nazarene Spring Women’s Retreat for the first time in several years. The theme this year was Gifts and the goal was to identify our spiritual gifts. I wasn’t surprised the the results of my assessment indicated that my gifts are encouragement, faith and giving.

I’ve allowed God to take full control of my life over the past 18 months and he has revealed some things in me that I hadn’t known where there. He’s taken me on a journey that has resulted in me being dismantled and rebuilt. The process has transformed me into a person that I still don’t fully recognize. I am doing things that without God I would not be possible.

He has used the gift of ENCOURAGEMENT to touch the lives of myself and the lives of the readers that visit my site. He has given me the right words that have supplied just what we’ve needed, exactly when we’ve needed it.

He’s used the gift of FAITH to cause me to speak boldly about my relationship with my Lord and Savior. It has caused me to challenge myself and my readers to live beyond what the world has told them was possible or politically correct and dare themselves to take God at HIS WORD. Some of you have become one income families, others have paid off debt, some may have taken the leap to home school. Whatever it’s been for you, I promise you that God is not finished with us. He has so much more in store.

Finally, He’s used the gift of GIVING to enable me to become HIS hands and feet. Because he’s been so good to me I petitioned Him to use me as a vessel to be good to others. The more I give, the more HE gives. I believed Him when HE said to me, “Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down shaken together and running over”. I also believed him when he said to me, “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack”. God has been faithful to keep his promises. In the last 18 months I have been blessed beyond measure and I can barely contain my love for Him.

I am excitedly anticipating all that God has in store for this site, my family and my relationship with HIM. I compel you to petition that God would reveal to you your spiritual gifts. If you are interested in learning about the resource used at the retreat to help identify spiritual gifts, it’s called The Right People, in the Right Places, for the Right Reasons, at the Right Time.

Be Blessed.

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