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7 Alternate Uses for a Broom

The biggest key to finding joy in homemaking is having the right attitude but the second is the art of making homemaking easier. One of the ways I make homemaking easier on myself is to find alternate way to get the same job done using less time or energy. One thing that makes homemaking easier is when I use a broom to clean both high and  low surfaces.

Most of you think brooms are just for sweeping but they can actually be used to make cleaning other areas simpler. You may want to have several brooms on hand to tackle various jobs. Here are seven alternate ways I use a broom to clean my home.


A broom can be used to clean/mop floors as I posted about here. Cleaning the floors this way puts less strain on my back and seems to scrub and clean the floors in one step.


Another use for cleaning with a broom is to use it to clean the bathtub. I add my scouring powder to the bathtub and use the broom to swish and scrub tho bottoms and sides of the tub. Once the tub is well scrubbed, I then use fresh running water rinse the tub. The broom allows me to stir the water around the tub like a big pot of soup. No need to bend or fuss with buckets and clothes.


The broom can also be used to clean shower walls. This is one of my favorite uses and it motivates me to clean the shower walls more often. Simply spray the shower walls with your favorite cleaning product. Next, wet the broom and use the bristles to swish and scrub the walls. After the walls are scrubbed, I use a damp towel to remove the cleaning agent from the walls.


Using a broom to clean the walls can be an easy or difficult task depending on how your home is set up. I only clean my kitchen and shower walls with the broom because these are two areas that are not carpeted. If you are cleaning walls in a carpeted area you’ll want to use the dry wall cleaning method.

For my kitchen you’ll need a bucket of hot soapy water to dip my broom in. You’ll also need a dry towel. Dip the broom into the soapy water and lift so the water will drain out. You can rest the broom on the dry towel to absorb some of the water or immediately begin scrubbing the walls with the broom.

Once all of the walls are scrubbed, use the towel to wipe the excess water or soap from the walls.


I usually clean the baseboards at the same time that I clean the walls. Our baseboards have a slim ledge on the top of them that always seem to collect dust and grime. While I am cleaning the walls I use my broom to scrub the top ledge and front panel of the baseboards. Once everything is clean I use a dry towel the wipe any excess water from the wood. This step can also be completed using a spray bottle filled with equal parts water and cleaning solution.

Mist the base board with your cleaning solution. Then use your broom to scrub away any ducts or grime. Finally, dry the base boards with a cleaning cloth or towel.


Not ever home may have vents but for those that do this may be one the the most under cleaned areas of the home. I schedule to clean my air vents when I change my filter. This is usually every 30 days. I clean them one of two ways. If it’s warm I clean them outside, but if it’s cold, they are cleaned inside.  For the inside method you’ll need a large cleaning towel. Lay the vent over the towel and spray it with your favorite cleaning product. Next, use the broom bristles to loosen the dust between the vent slats. Finally wipe away any remaining water or dust with a dry cloth.

If you are able to clean the vents outdoors there will be no need to wipe them clean. After scrubbing the dirt loose, just hose the vent down and allow it to air dry.


For those time when you must clean the trash can the broom can be a great help. From time to time something will spill outside of the trash bag and dry on the inner part of the trash can. To get this cleaned up really fast try using your broom. Fill your empty trash can with hot water and some cleaning solution. No use your broom to scrub away any food and debris. Pour the dirty water out (I pour it in the toilet). Allow the can to air dry or dry it with a cloth or towel.

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5 thoughts on “7 Alternate Uses for a Broom

  1. Great ideas!! The bathtub & garbage can would have seriously never crossed my mind!!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Hi Mandi,

    The bathtub was out of necessity. When a women is 8 months pregnant she really doesn’t want to bend down on hands and knees to clean a bathtub. I just kinda stuck with me since then. Thanks for commenting.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    The bathtub was out of necessity. When a women is 8 months pregnant she really doesn’t want to bend down on hands and knees to clean a bathtub. I just kinda stuck with me since then. Thanks for commenting.


  2. This is seriously impressive! Dirty baseboards are my pet peeve…mostly because I can’t seem to ever get them clean. Using a broom is just brilliant! Seriously, brilliant! Thank you for linking!!
    .-= Christine (iDreamofClean)´s last blog ..Spring Cleaning: Get Down (Part 3) =-.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Dirty baseboards are a pet peeve of mine too Christine. Mine are white and dirt can really look bad if I don’t give some attention to keeping them clean. Using the broom makes it so much easier to tackle. I’m so glad I found your cleaning series.


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