A Well Dressed Homemaker : The Kitchen Towels & Matching Coupon File

UPDATE: Katrina just finished the kitchen towels and matching coupon file. Go and check them out HERE.

I want to tell ya’ll about a young lady that has truly been a blessing to me. As you all know, I love home making… but one of the things that has helped me cultivate a love for it is the fact that I can look great will making my home look great.

I strive to take steps to look my best when caring for my home. I want my husband and children to know that I take pride in my calling and get great joy from caring for them. I especially want my children to know that a stay at home mom is not a frumpy unkempt women who sits around all day. Which is why I am purposeful in making time to groom myself and get dressed each day.

In addition to getting dressed I want to be able to care for my home without worrying about staining my clothing which is why I have fallen in love with aprons. Last year, I was so inspired by Katrina’s talent that I went out and purchased a $200  sewing machine with the intention of making aprons, and all sorts of clothes. However, the sewing machine is now collecting dust in my laundry room. I do a little mending here and there but nothing as fabulous as the stuff Katrina crafts.

Katrina over at Sewalicious Designs held a contest a few weeks ago and offered to make a custom made gift for the winner. I was already familiar with her work so of course I entered the contest. So after a few days, I received an email titled “CONGRATULATIONS!”. I didn’t know whether to open it or send it to the  spam folder.

I’m so glad I decided to open it because I learned that I had won the contest. Katrina and I have been emailing back and forth for a few days picking out a theme, a pattern and fabrics and it’s been so fun.

Over the next couple of weeks she will be updating her blog with the progress. If you are looking for some sewing inspiration please head on over and take a look at her blog.

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