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Don’t Forfeit Your Pay Check For April

I am signed to about twenty or so survey companies and use them as a way to earn an extra $25 – $100 each month. I have been amazed at how fun and easy it is to do.

Of the twenty or so companies I am registered with, these are the ones that I earned money with the week of 3/25-4/1. This does not include every company I am signed to however of these 7 companies, I’ve  cashed out $64.60 for the month of March.

Lightspeed – Each point equivalent to 0.008c .
You need 550 points to recieve a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate or
You need 575 points to receive a $5 Paypal payment.
All surveys are 75 pts or more.
Total Points Earned: 550 pts. ($5)
Total Points Balance: 1400 points ( $11.20)

My Survey – Each point is worth 10c.
You need 1,000 pts to receive a $10 check.
Survey: 30 points – 10 minutes
Total Points Earned: 60 points + 150 refer-a-friend
Total Points Balance: 955 points ($9.55)

Survey Spot: – Pays in cash.
You need 1,000 or more points to receive a check or Paypal payment.
Total Points Earned: 2000 pts
Current Balance: 2250 points  ($22.50)

Opinion Outpost – Each point is worth 10c.
You need 50 points to qualify for a Check or a $5 Amazon.com Gift Card. You receive it instantly!
Total Points Earned: 106 points
Total Points Balance: 955 points ($21.90)

My Points – Each point is worth 0.006c. Each email is equivalent to 3.5¢ each.
Pays in gift cards. Over 70 to choose from. One is $10 CVS for 1450 pts.
Current Balance: 1641 points

Toluna – Pays in cash.
You need 60,000 points or $10 to receive a check
Total Points Earned: 590 pts
Current Balance: 25,385 points

Ispos I-Say – Each point is equivalent to 10c ea.
You need 50 points for $5 payment.
Total Points Earned: 2 pts

I encourage you to take a look at how easy it is to get started. For a full list of legitimate national and international survey companies I recommend see my list HERE.

If you need a little more information before you begin read my post “Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys?

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