A Recap of the Top 4 #SavvyBlogging Twitter Party Topics

Whether you are a new blogger or a veteran there was tons useful information shared at the Savvy Blogging Twitter Party last night. I wanted to highlight the most popular topics here, but I’ve also included a link to the entire conversation at the bottom of this post.

What is a bounce rate and why is it important?

Your bounce rate tells you if you capturing your visitors attention on whatever page they are landing on. When a visitor enters the landing page from whatever source lead them there, they are looking for specific information. If they are not able to find it the are less likely to visit other pages after landing on your page. This results in a higher bounce rate.

How do I get a lower bounce rate?

You want your readers to visit other areas of your site, doing so lowers your bounce rate. To effectively draw your readers to related posts install the WordPress YARP (Yet Another Related Post) or Linked Within plugin. It automatically lists related content at the bottom of each post.

Get into the habit of linking to content within your post. For example, let’s say you are writing a post about finances and you include the word one-income living. Now let’s say that you previously wrote an entire post about one income living. This is your chance to include a link to that post. Now you are telling you readers to not only read what’s on your landing page but also some other relevant information you’ve shared previously. This is called cross linking.

The final suggestion is to simply write good content.

Should I use photos in my posts? Does it make a difference?

Readers like photos. It lends to the story you are trying to tell. Personal photos on tutorials are best. There are many resources for obtaining FREE such as the WP plugin Zemanta. It pulls in Creative Commons pictures directly to your WP dashboard as you type. Just choose the photo that fits your topic.

Other resources include Flickr and Comfight.

Where can I find affiliate programs?

The tops affiliates are currently Escalate, MySavings Media, Logical Media, but there are many more to choose from as well. See more here.

To view every topic that was discussed along with responses click here for the full SavvyBlogging Twitter Party transcript.

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