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The Social Media Trap: Finding Balance Between Social Media and Real Life

There is an epidemic among women and it is the same one which has always been here. That epidemic is called busyness. It’s been around for decades but with each generation it disguises it’s self with a new name. The newest form of business is called the internet. Many of us log on with the intention of just reading a few blogs and sending out a few tweets. But before we know it half the day is gone, no chores have been done and the meat intended for dinner is still in the freezer.

If this sounds like your life understand that you are not alone. Many people are struggling with the lure of social media which is why l will be I’ve written this series called ‘The Social Media Trap: finding a balance between social media and real life’. l hope that you will consider joining me back here tomorrow. In the meantime leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on this subject.

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