The Social Media Trap: Finding Balance Between Social Media and Real Life

I do not want to focus this series directly on stay at home moms for the pure fact that some of us have full time jobs yet they also struggle with the lure of social media.

Even with a full time job some of you feel a pressure to update your blog, Facebook page and send out tweets on Twitter during the workday. For many of us being connected to the online social community has become what we believe is a necessary part of our daily schedules. Like our mother’s and grandmother’s did with soap operas we are doing with the amount of time we are spending online.

Our daily to-do list has come to include scheduling in time to tweet, chat and blog. This is becoming the new norm for many computer savvy women today. But is it really normal?

I became progressively disturbed as I would see questions like this one pop up on social networking sites, ‘How do you balance all of the social media options?’ Some have gone as far as to say that they feel like they are drowning trying to keep up with all of their social media accounts.

I won’t pretend to speak as though I am an expert. I will however speak from the perspective of someone who has been part of the social media community for three years and from the perspective of a Christian. Both perspectives are important and will serve as a catalyst to help us carve out a workable balance between social media and real life.

I will share what I have learned from my personal journey toward balance between social media and real life. We will dig into the scripture to allow the word of God to recalibrate our priorities and give us a workable plan for our online time. In the end I hope that you’ll walk away with a clear perspective on how to balance your social media time and real life.

l hope that you will consider joining me back here tomorrow for part III of this series. In the meantime talk to me. l’d love for you to leave your thought in a comment below. Please don’t make me feel like I’m talking to an empty room.

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