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Treating Your Husband Good & Not Evil

Are You Using the influence that you have over your husband for good or evil?

As wives we often forget the power that we have over our husbands. Those of us who do remember either abuse this power and use it for evil or use it to bring good to our husbands.

One of the ways I use my influence over my husband for good is by giving special attention to preparing our home for him before he gets home from work. I do little special tasks to make him comfortable when he gets home such as;

*Placing a fresh towel and wash cloth in the bathroom

*Placing his slippers beside the bed

*Putting fresh/clean pajamas in the bathroom for him

We can choose to minister to our husbands needs or we can be a hindrance him. We have the power and the influence to positively or negatively affect or husbands but it’s up to us to decide how we will use it.

When you make it a priority to treat your husband like a king, you are building him up to conduct himself as a king.

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