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10 Reasons Why You Should Join Survey & Reward Companies

I received another reward this week. This one is from My Points. If you are trying to find extra money for investing, building a stock-pile or maybe a mini vacation, the resources I have on my Reward Programs page is a great starting point. All of the companies listed there will pay you for giving your opinion on products or services you already use. They even pay you to try new products which is awesome, because we all love FREE STUFF… RIGHT?

Getting gift cards is a great reason to join reward and survey companies, but I’ve listed 10 more reasons below if you’re still not sold.

  1. Earn points for taking surveys
  2. Use your points to get cash
  3. Use your points to get gift cards to your favorite stores
  4. Save money using gift cards you earned online
  5. Offset your out of pocket cot during the gift giving season
  6. Use gift cards to pay for everyday needs such as CVS, JCPenney and Target purchases.
  7. Give your opinion regarding products and services your family uses.
  8. Create an additional stream of income in your household.
  9. Extra cash can help you pay off debt.
  10. Extra cash can help you build a saving fund.

Here’s how My Points works. Each point is worth 0.006¢ and each email is equivalent to 3.5¢ each. My Points pays in gift cards and there are over 70 to choose from. You can get a $10 CVS gift card for 1450 pts.

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