Guest Post: Salad Bars Can Be Your Friend When Cooking Frugally

My guest today is Yoly (Yolanda) Mason. She has several blogs and on one, she shares her love cooking delicious meals. I especially love her latin tweets that come from her blog Cuponeando where she shares the latest savings and deals in Spanish. Please welcome Yoly as she shares a great tip for being a smart produce $hopper.


We travel a lot for work and eating out can get old even when you are reimbursed for your meal. Lately we have been on a “let’s pick our ingredients from the salad bar” kick and let me tell you it has been great. Before we leave on a trip, we sit down, plan “hotel-friendly” meals, and put our shopping list together. That is when looking at the salad bar as the source for your ingredients can help you buy just the amount necessary for that one recipe.

Just imagine that new recipe that you have wanted to try but you do not want to buy a whole onion when you only need a cup of them. If you would like to add just two or three olives to the stew but do not want to pay for even the small bottle of olives because after this recipe you will not use them you should try your grocer’s salad bar. More and more supermarkets are moving to add salad bars as part of their offerings. Most of them just charge by the pound. It is so much easier to pay just a couple of bucks for most of the produce you will need in that one recipe than having to buy in bulk.

Other way to look at this is that your time is money. You do not have to spend hours in the kitchen peeling and slicing and dicing produce – and crying if you are working with onions – if you use the amounts needed from the salad bar. It will allow you to spend that free time with your loved ones or reading a few more pages of your favorite book.

Yoly Mason loves to share simple yet elegant recipes on her personal blog YNR Live,and her MomTV webshow Cuponeando Live.

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