How Do I Know If The Cashier Scanned All Of My Coupons?

While gathering my coupons together for a shopping trip I was wondering if anyone was having trouble deciphering whether or not all of their coupons are being scanned at checkout.

I’ll share a simple method that I teach in my Grocery 101 Workshop.

1- Gather all of the coupons you plan to use on your shopping trip.

2- Add the discount value of each to come up with a total.

3- Write your total on shopping list.

4- If your store has every item that you have a coupon for, you will be able to match the total from your shopping list with the ‘total coupon savings‘ line on your receipt.

What if my store does not have a coupon savings entry on their receipts?

  • In this case you’ll have to manually review your receipt for the deductions that correspond with your coupons. Each store uses a code to identify specific discounts. You may see the letters MC printed beside each coupon discount deducted from your balance. If you’re not sure how to identify which entries correspond to your coupons, just ask your cashier.

What do I do if I don’t use all of my coupons due to an item being out of stock?

  • In that case do the following: Add the total coupon discounts shown on your receipt to the total monetary value of your remaining coupons. Your total should match what you have written on your shopping list. If your totals do no match, the difference will represent the total value of the coupons not scanned.

Do you have questions about couponing or want to share your method for tracking your coupons at the register?

I enjoy reading and answering your comments, questions and suggestions. Leave them below.

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