If You Could Begin Your Marriage Again, What Would You Do Differently? Pt. 1

Submit To My Husband From Day One

Although we have made it through the first few years of marriage despite all of the arguments, if I had it to do again I would have trusted God and submitted to my husband from day one.

When I married, I knew I had trust issues but marriage exposed and magnified them. Being married to the man I loved so deeply seemed to expose my most deepest fear — which at the time was, being alone.

Not the kind of alone that makes you say — I don’t have any friends and I’m lonely kind of alone, but the — I love this person so much that if they’d leave it would be the end of me type of alone.

My husband helped me understand that some of that fear resulted from the death of my dad on my 11th birthday, my mother abandoning me and later the death of my aunt when I was 16. My husband helped me to finally understand that my fears where ultimately a lack of relationship with God.

I couldn’t submit to my husband from day one because I wasn’t even submitted to God. I felt that God had abandoned me just like everyone else I loved, but God used my husband to help me address these issues. They both loved me enough to be patient with me and now I am fully surrendered to both God and my husband as a result.

If you had it to do all over again, what would you do differently?

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