Time To Purge Your Expired Inserts

Here is a list of  inserts that can be tossed due to all of the coupons being expired. I have indicated inserts that contained less than (5) five unexpired coupons in them. You will find those unexpired coupons noted by 2 ** and bolded orange text.

11-08-09 SS
12-06-09 RP
12-06-09 SS

**MidNite Q $1/1

12-13-09 RP
12-13-09 SS #1
12-13-09 SS #2

01-03-10 RP #1
01-03-10 RP #2
01-03-10 SS #1 (General Mills)
01-03-10 SS #2
01-03-10 SS #3

Don’t forget that you can send your coupons to a military base instead of throwing them away. Military families stationed overseas can use expired coupons up to (6) months after the expiration date. Get more details HERE.

01-10-10 SS
01-10-10 RP

01-17-10 PG
01-17-10 SS

01-24-10 RP
**MidNite Q $1/1

01-31-10 SS
01-31-10 RP

02-7-10 RP
02-7-10 PG
02-7-10 SS

02-14-10 RP

02-21-10 SS
02-21-10 PG
02-21-10 RP

To see what insert will be in next Sunday’s paper visit my insert preview category HERE.

03-07-10 Parade
03-07-10 RP
03-07-10 PG
03-07-10 SS

03-21-10 SS
03-21-10 RP
03-21-10 Hasbro Play $aver

03-28-10 SS
03-28-10 RP #1
03-28-10 RP #2

**$1.75/1 Slimfast
**$1.25/1 Slimfast

**$1/1 Seventh Generation Products
**$1/1 Turkey Hill Products
**$1/4 Zatarain’s
**$1/2 Zatarain’s

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  1. LOVE this post idea. Thank you. I googled you!


  2. Thank you so much for this list. My inserts were getting out of control. My stack looks much better now. 🙂


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Great Staci. I will update the list again in a few months.


    Jeanette Reply:

    @Staci, i use coupon cleanout (www.couponcleanout.com) to purge. very easy to use.


  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for this list! Will link you back!


  4. Thank you sooo much for all you do!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    You’re welcome. I’ll update this list again in about (6) months. Have a blessed Monday Denise!


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