Why I Don’t Give Payment Details For Deals That Claim To Be Free

You all should know that I love a great deal. Deals help me offset the amount of money I spend out of my families budget.

Deals allow me to have and do the things I want to do for my family on a fraction of the original cost. If I can get something for FREE or really cheap I am going to take advantage of it.

The only way I would not take advantage of a deal, is the case where a FREE deal or offer required that I supply a payment method.

Have you ever seen a deal where the offer claimed that you could get something for FREE, yet require a credit or debit card number to process your order?

Every time that I’ve done an offer like that, I’ve ended up being sorry. Here are few things that have happened.

  • I ended up being charged for the very item that was supposed to be FREE.
  • I had to spend countless hours on the phone or emailing letters trying to get a refund for erroneous charges.
  • I’ve had to spend even more time trying to cancel services, subscriptions and memberships that were supposed to be FREE.

This is why I carefully screen the offers that come across my desk before I post them here on my site — (they really come in my in box, I just always wanted to say that and this just seemed like this was a perfect time).

I try to verify every offer that I post on this site to verify that it is legitimate. But because of the number of deals you guys send me and the ones if find, it is impossible to catch them all.

If something happens to get past that seems fishy, don’t hesitate to let me know.

My goal as a Christian blogger is to help you and not hurt you. It’s never fun to think you’re getting a great deal only to end up paying for it later.

I hope that this site continues to be your trusted resource for information on home making and stretching a budget.

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