You’re #Savvyblogging When….13 Ways to Become a SavvyBlogger

This list is a compilation of all of the tweets I’ve seen on Twitter related to the #savvblogging hashtag.

You’re a #savvyblogger when…

1- You know the difference between the “follow” and “no follow” attribute.
2- You make it easy for people to find your contact information on your blog.
3- You know the appropriate instances to use “open link in new window” vs.”open link in same window“.
4- You know how to balance Twitter time with family time
5- You’ve finally figured out how to set your feed to full vs. truncated.
6- You know what your feed looks like because you are subscribed to it.
7- You take the time to create an about me page.
8- You take the time to set up your ping list

Setting up a “ping” means that you are notifying other sites that you’ve published a new post. This gives your blog more exposure.

To set up your pinglist, go to your WordPress dashboard section of your blog and click on ‘settings’. This will take you to

Copy and paste the pings you want to notify from the list below.

9- You are tracking your site stats in some way shape or form. The most user friendly are Statcounter and Clicky Stats (affiliate), but they are not always accurate. The more advanced and accurate tracking method is Google Analytical. All of these are FREE!

10- You have implemented a way to back up your blog. You would hate to see all of your work go down the drain because you jack something up and wreck your site or worst a host mistakenly deletes your blog. You can have your back up downloaded to your computer, stored on your server or sent to your email. Mine are sent to my email.

11- You know that picture/s in your posts are a must.
12- You set specific goals for social networking time. Once that goal is complete you log off.
13- You spend more time writing for your blog than tweeting, updating, checking emails and stats.

If you are looking for more tips to become a Savvyblogger don’t forget to search the #savvyblogging hastag on Twitter. There are tons of FREE tips shared there everyday that can help you become an even better blogger.

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