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If you can use FREE money and resources for yourself, your returning college student or rising high school senior take a look at I just filled out a two minute questionnaire that will let me know what grants I am eligible for. It also provided me with a Free list of schools in my area that offer my major.

While I am not returning to school, I used my information to check out this offer before I allowing my daughter who is a sophomore is to use it. Since school is about to begin again I will be posting useful resources for just about every grade level over the next few month.

Get your FREE resources from

  • One the first page enter your subject area of concentration
  • On page two, your enter your state, age, current grade and employment status.
  • Next you’ll enter your zip code and email address. (They will show you your list of schools and email them to you)
  • Finally, enter your name address and phone number.
  • Get your list of schools available in your area that offer your field of study plus gain access to information regarding grants for these schools.

Visit to access to get FREE resources.

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