How I Balance Marriage, Home Schooling, Blogging & Home Making

Being a wife, homemaker, blogger and home school mom can be challenging. If I want to become proficient in each of these areas I will need to dedicate time to making them work together as a cohesive unit. This is why I sit down each year and decide ‘how much time is necessary in order for these areas to operate successfully?’

The first thing I try to decide is what is my main priority and list them as such.


Home School


Home making

Listing my priorities will help me to determine how to divide my time effectively. Now that I have a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished, I can begin jotting down an overall picture of how they can all work together. The worst thing that can happen is that I begin giving to much time to any particular area at the expense of neglecting another — doing that can turn into an ugly situation. I have people depending on me to fulfill a particular duty in each of these areas and the best way for me to stay on track is with a plan.

My plan starts with the categories I’ve decided to give my attention too. In each of these categories I’ll jot down some basic guidelines. These guidelines may be altered a bit over time as conditions change but for the most part they usually remain the same from year to year.

Marriage – My husband is my priority which is why when he’s home my rule is to make myself as available as possible in case he needs me. This rule will help with home school planning as well. Knowing that I need a light schedule when my man is home prompts me to plan easier school subject during this time. I also forego any time consuming or detailed blogging tasks.

Home School – I am an avid supporter of the Charlotte Mason teaching style and it is what I use to educate my children. The CM philosophy enables my children take an active role in their education. Because I am a home school mom of four children, it can be challenging to teach multiple grade levels. With the CM lesson plans each grade level is closely strung together which makes it easy to overlap lessons with my three younger children. It’s also great because only 20% of it has to actually be taught versus learned. As we do our daily lessons the children learn without me having to force feed them information which works well for my family. My guideline for this area is to be available to guide, assist and answer questions. I could home school all day but I am careful to adhere to our daily school schedule keeping in mind that there is a point in the day when school is over. I am mindful to dismiss the children and close the schoolroom when appropriate.

Blogging – This area used to be a hard one to manage. After I got the hang of it I loved it and would spend time writing, tweaking and learning more about bloggers. At one point I felt guilty about the amount of time I was comfortable dedicating to it. My blog is a hobby that has turned into a stream of income. It’s that first paid job I’ve ever done that I loved and I could work on my site and other behind the scenes stuff for hours without reservation. This is why it’s all the more important to set guidelines. My blog is still a hobby… I just earn a little bit of income from it now. I don’t desire for it to take up my time like a full time job would. Just as I love blogging, I love being a wife and mom. I am not willing to jeopardize my offline relationships for the sake of a “successful” blog. When school resumes I will be ahead of the game because I’ve already begun implementing a schedule for my blog. I have specific topics that I post about consistently on certain days of the week, many of which can and are pre-scheduled. I also keep and editorial calendar which has allowed me to write and pre-schedule posts up to sixty days in advance. I don’t blog while my husband is home and I schedule my actual blogging time when I’m done with teaching. I do implement these three techniques throughout the day to prevent losing ideas for good material. I am very careful not to allow online time to intrude upon the time when my family needs me.

Homemaking – For this area I can confidently say that I have come full circle. I spent the last five years training and teaching my children about community responsibility. They are so good when it comes to doing their part around the house and this makes setting guidelines this category so mush easier on me. We share the cooking and cleaning which makes everything seem to get done seamlessly. My guideline for this area is to make sure that I write and share the general ‘to-do’ list for the day – which is simply writing down the jobs from my master chore list – and discussing them with my children. This list includes our daily menu and is used side by side with our school schedule which includes breaks for chores and meal preps.

Just sitting here writing out this entire list helped me to feel at ease at the coming of the new school year. Although having guidelines won’t guarantee everyday will run smoothly, it will definitely work as a catalyst to help us get back on track when we are derailed.

Being a wife, a mom to multiple children, a home school mom and blogger involves time and patience but if you give each area the time necessary to make it operate successfully you will reap the rewards of a well managed home. If you have been encouraged or inspired, please use the resources below to share this post with others on the net.

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