Setting Up A Home Management Binder + Free Printable Sheets

Now that school is back in session it is the perfect time to begin putting together a Home Management Binder. Your binder doesn’t have to be fancy in fact I started out with a .35¢ notebook from the Goodwill.

After you have a notebook, decided what you will use your binder to keep organized. I use my binder for chores, home school, budgeting, schedules  meal planning and hobbies.

Here are some possible uses for your  Home Management Binder:
  • Your house keeping schedule
  • Your daily schedule
  • Your children’s schedule
  • Your husbands schedule
  • Your blogging schedule
  • Meal menus and recipes
  • Medical recorders
  • Printable sheet related to your hobbies
  • School schedules
  • Birthday information
  • Telephone numbers and adresses
  • Family rules
  • To do list
  • A list of your children’s friends with their phone number, parents’ names and addresses.

Now it’s time to fill it with home management sheets such as calendars, planner pages, checklists, and inventory forms.

FREE Printable Home Management Binder Resources:

Once you have a few sheets it’s time to figure out how you want your section organized. I personally like my calendar in the front. In the next section is my home keeping sheets  and the next is my home school planners. I have had to rearrange my sections several times in the beginning before finding a  placement that worked for me.

One thing that I’ve learned is if you make your binder too heavy to transport, you will be less likely to use it. Make your binder lightweight and it will be a very useful tool for managing your home.

What are some tips you’d give to someone just starting out using a home management binder?

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