Where Are The Titus 2 Women?

Why is there such a lack of Titus 2 women in the church? I see many women who jump at the opportunity to jump in the pulpit or join this and that church board yet they do not find it as important to embrace the calling in Titus 2:4-5.

I am at a point where I believe that there is such a need for Titus 2 women in the community who are willing to step up and stand in the gap as marriage“>representatives of wives and moms.

Being a wife and mom are two of the most important roles a Christian woman can operate in yet we are seeing so many young women entering in to marriage and motherhood completely unprepared.

Wives are disrespectful, snarky, condescending and downright rebellious toward their own husbands. They boast about how they cannot wait to get away from their children and want to spend more time away from the home than at home.

Today’s mom wants her independence from the family and does not desire that her family depend on her. She boasts about how she does not cook regularly and brags about how her husband and children are able to fend for themselves at dinnertime.

Is this the Titus 2 women of today? We have more luxuries than any point in history yet we are so far from understanding what it means to love our husband and our children while being keepers at home. A generation of Titus 2 women have abandoned their post and in that single act that rewrote the course of history.

As a result, many little girls found themselves left in limbo. There was no one there to teach them to prepare delicious meals on a budget. Nor was there anyone there to demonstrate the joy in caring for your families clothes. Young girls did not see that folding and mending clothing was the perfect time to pray for each family member. They never experienced the joy of reading to mom while she did the dishes or kneaded bread.

Where are the Titus 2 women that are willing to teach the younger women to care for their homes, love their husbands and their children?

What do young women see when they look at you? Do they see a wife who honors her husband and overlooks his faults? Or on the other hand, do they see someone who is patronizing. Do you demonstrate that your children are at the top of your list of priorities or are they an afterthought?

It does not matter if you did not grow up in the home of a Titus 2 woman. It does not matter if your where raised Christian or not. What does matter is are you willing to accept the Titus 2 calling or will you continue to read Titus 2 repeatedly and it still not have an effect on your life?

I am not pointing the finger at anyone really. In all actuality, I am taking an inventory of my self. I am looking in the mirror of God’s word and determining if I see His reflection or my own. When I read His holy word, I am asking myself, “am I living what His word says?” I do not want to be like the world.

I do not want to be like the moms on television. I am not striving to live the fab life like Kimora or become popular like the Real Housewives of D.C., ATL, New Jersey or anywhere else.

I want to be more like Jesus. I want to walk in His footsteps and have Him say, “This is my child in whom I am well pleased”. Some may say that Titus 2 was for that time and is no longer relevant, but I implore you that all of God’s word is relevant.

Where are all of the Titus 2 women? What are you doing to be more like the women in Titus 2? I would love to know how you are applying Titus 2 to your daily life.

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