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2 Things I Clean Every Weekday

When I first started trying to put together an organized schedule I wrote down every task I knew needed attention in my home and tried to tackle them everyday.

Needless to say…this method wore me out.

Once I figured out the the world would not end if everything was perfectly in it’s place at all times, I figured out that there were just a few things that really needed to be cleaned daily in order for me to be okay with my progress at the end of the day.

These two things are the two things I would focus on if I were recuperating from the birth of a child, or a recent surgery or if I were sick by able to still function.


No matter what happens every morning Monday through Friday, my washer is filled and a load of clothes washed. Every child in my house from age 6 to 16  knows how to do some portion of this task. Whether they load the washer, pour the soap, unload the washer or load the dryer. THIS MUST GET DONE.


Every night after meals we clean the kitchen and put away all food. All surfaces are wiped off, the floors are swept up and the sink is shiny and clean. This is a habit that makes mornings super easy. I do not like to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes and messy counters. It is tiresome to have to cook breakfast but the added burden of cleaning the kitchen is just to much for me. So every night before bed THIS MUST GET DONE.

Do you have some things around your house you do everyday? Do you think you should try to do any of these two everyday?

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1 thought on “2 Things I Clean Every Weekday

  1. I do my best to make sure those 2 things are cleaned daily in my house also. Definitely makes my morning great waking up to a clean kitchen!


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