4 Ways to Streamline Laundry Cleaning

Doing laundry is like breathing air. Unless you’re going to wear your clothes once and then throw them away…IT MUST BE DONE.

However, it does not have to be a daunting task if we think smarter about the way we do laundry. The first suggestion I give to young moms is to start your children at a young age with sorting laundry. They can sort into baskets or sort clean socks and underwear. The patience you put into teaching this skill will pay off big time.

Here are some other tips that will make doing laundry much easier on you.

1. Have a separate sturdy basket for each laundry category. If you sort clothes by whites, colors, darks, dedicates, towels and linens, you should have a basket for each. Separate baskets make it easier to teach children how to help you with sorting laundry. Be sure to add a laminated picture or written label to each basket.

2. Reduce the amount of clothes your children wear. Consider just having seven outfits per child. Each child has seven outfits which are built on the mix and match premise. These outfits are mixed and matched and worn on a rotating basis. If they have seven outfits then you know that you have at least seven days before you need to wash clothes. The same can work with adult clothing and linen.

3. Keep empty hangers in the laundry room or wherever you fold your laundry. It makes no sense to fold something that you’ll only unfold to hang later. Just keep the hangers nearby and hang the items that should be hung as your sort through the clean clothes.

4. Wash everything in cold water. This way you don’t have to worry about clothes fading. You also don’t need to panic just because something white was washed with something from the colors basket. Plus it costs less to wash clothes in cold water.

I’d love for you to share how often you do laundry and for how many people? What other tips would you add to this list?

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