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6 Reason Why You Should Teach Your To Child Clean Their Room

1. It is more difficult to locate items in a messy room. I don’t care what the so called experts say about organized chaos. I’m telling you that there-is-no-such-thing!

2. You encourage laziness when you allow your children to have clothes and other items strewn around the floor. Not only that…things that are thrown on the floor are often damaged or destroyed adding additional expenses to the families budget when destroyed items have to be replaced.

3. Keeping a clean room cultivates organization skills. This is especially true when you don’t dictate where things need to go but allow your children to participate in the process of organizing their space.

4. A child’s bedroom is borrowed property therefore they should learn early how to treat things that do not belong to them.  If they treat their bedrooms in a unkempt manner, imagine how they will treat their apartment or dorm room.

5. Helps to cultivate self worth. Encouraging and or demanding that your child keep their room clean builds up a sense of self worth and accomplishment. Children thrive off of pleasing their parents and their confidence is strengthened with each praise from mom and dad.

6. Takes some of the homemaking burden off mom. From the time the are born up until they are able to control their cognitive and hand eye coordination we joyfully clean our children’s rooms. However, there will come a time when the tasks loses it’s joy and we begin to feel like a maid. We must remember that we-are-moms-not-maids. We have a responsibility to teach our children how to be adults and part of that means teaching them how to shift less important jobs to younger family members. This allows mom to focus on more important household duties.

This is just a short list and I am sure their are so many more reasons that can bee added. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Do you clean your children’s room? Why or Why not?

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